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AIB Certified


Good Manufacturing Practice Inspections

Corporate Packaging Inc. is a that is committed to to providing clean and safe products.  Operations are continually inspected and reviewed internally using good manufacturing practices (GMP) . In addition Corporate Packaging Inc. is inspected and scored by AIB. This  Good Manufacturing Practice inspection, is  based on a widely-recognized set of Consolidated Standards that describe the requirements of a superior food safety program.

Comprehensive GMP Inspections evaluate the adequacy of:

  • Operational Methods and Personnel Practices- The receipt, storage, monitoring, handling, and processing of materials to manufacture and distribute safe final product
  • Maintenance for Food Safety The design, upkeep, and management of equipment,  buildings, and grounds to provide a sanitary, efficient, and reliable manufacturing environment.
  • Cleaning Practices- The cleaning and sanitizing of equipment, utensils, and buildings to provide a wholesome and safe processing environment.
  • Integrated Pest Management The assessment, monitoring, and management of pest activity to identify, prevent, and eliminate conditions that could promote or sustain a pest population
  • Adequacy of Prerequisite and Food Safety Programs–  The coordination of management support, cross-functional teams, documentation, training, and monitoring systems to ensure all departments of the facility work together  effectively to deliver a safe final product.


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